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NameCustoms clearance approval to goods for domestic consumption
DescriptionCustoms clearance procedure of processing goods for domestic consumption shall be used for declaration of goods reflected in Article 83 of the Law on Customs. If customs approve the declaration, customs inspector stamps "Approved by customs of Mongolia".
CommentsThe Resolution A/40 of the Chairman of the Customs and Taxation General Administration approved this customs clearance procedure by its Annex 1 based on Article 79.7 of Law on Customs. Keep in mind: - Trader should use 400-480 customs codes under declaration for “Customs clearance procedure of goods for domestic consumption”. So please find detailed information from Resolution A/40 of 2016.
Validity From24-02-2016
Validity To31-12-2050
Technical Code
AgencyCustoms General Administration
Created Date2020-07-19 00:17:59
Updated Date2020-12-08 16:30:46
Measure TypePermit Requirement
Legal/RegulationCustoms clearance procedures for import of goods
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Customs clearance procedure of imported goods for domestic consumptionGoods reflected in Article 83 of Law on Customs shall be declared to the Customs of Mongolia according to this customs clearance procedure approved by Annex 1 of the Resolution A/40 of Chairman of Customs and Tax AdministrationImportView


This measure applies to commodity/s
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HS CodeDescription
- Horses : -- Pure-bred breeding animals
- Horses : --Other
- Asses
- Other
- Cattle: --- Bovine animals, including bulls and oxes
- Cattle: --- Yak
- Cattle: --- Bovine animals, including bulls and oxes
- Cattle: --- Yak
- Buffalo : -- Pure-bred breeding animals
- Buffalo : -- Other
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