Legal Document

Title: The Animal Genetic Resources Law
Type: Law
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Light Industry
Responsible Agency: Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Light Industry
Issuing Date: 14-12-2017




December 14, 2017  Ulaanbaatar city










Article 1. Purpose of the law

            1.1. Purpose  of this law is to regulate relations in respect of registration, identification, conservation, protection, sustainable use and research of genetic resources of livestock and domestic animals (hereinafter referred to as “livestock”) that use their benefits.

Article 2. Legislation on animal genetic resources

            2.1. The legislation of Mongolia on livestock genetic resources shall consist of the Constitution of Mongolia, the Law on Quarantine Control and Inspection of Animals, Plants, Raw Materials and Products of Their Origin, this Law and other legislative acts enacted in conformity with these laws.


Article 13. Livestock protection

           13.3 The Government shall determine the types and quantities of imported livestock and breeding products annually based on the recommendations of the National Committee and the proposal of the State Central Administrative Body.


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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Special permit and License Requirement of Business Activity for Animal Genetic Resources Usage As per the Law on The Animal Genetic Resources Law, 2017, a person who wishes to do a business activity to use animal genetic resources, must obtain a license. Active Measure Goods
Requirements to extend the license to use animal genetic resources These requirements need to be met in order to extend the license to use animal genetic resources Active Measure Goods
Licensing requirement to export breeding animals In order to export breeding stock from Mongolia, a trader must obtain a breeding license from the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry. Active Measure Goods
Special Permit requirement to import breeding animals In order to import export breeding animals from Mongolia the trader is required to obtain a special permit to import breeding animals from Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Light Industry Active Measure Goods
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